A Day On A Safari In Murchison Falls National Park

A Day on a safari in Murchison falls national park

A Day on a safari in Murchison falls national park

A Day on a safari in Murchison falls national park : Murchison falls national park in Uganda is a beautiful national park in Uganda full of wildlife and nature! Our 1 day Murchison falls tour entitles to visit the park, the largest in Uganda specifically for you to see the spectacular magical falls. This 1 day tour brings you an opportunity to visit the largest and the most powerful waterfalls in Uganda where the Nile plunges into a narrow gorge of 7 meters wide and 43 meters deep. Creating roaring splashes of the wild waters of the Nile hence forming the cool mists that calm of the hike breath.

At 6:00am, the driver will pick you from the hotel to proceed to the Murchison falls national park. The guide will brief you about the 1 day safari to Murchison falls before you set off. We’re ushered into the park by the playful anticipating baboons in the road after clearance at the park gate. After crossing the ferry at around 9:00am, we begin the game drive and it takes between 3 to 4 hours.

 During the park’s landscape amazing game viewing, on a lucky day we see different wildlife species like over around 451 bird species and around 76 mammal species including the buffaloes, Jackson hartebeest, antelopes, lions, kobs, giraffes, hyenas, bushbucks, warthogs among other. They are widely spread all over the Savannah grasslands, grazing or hunting for prey.

At 2:00 pm we go for the launch cruise on the Victoria Nile. This is the biggest highlight of any Murchison falls safari with such beautiful wildlife sightings relaxing ride of about 3 hours. We find there a lot of aquatic animals like the hippos, and Nile crocodiles, at this point, we also sight-see buffaloes, elephants, antelopes and a cocktail of birds such as the kingfisher, herons, and fish eagles viewing crocodiles and the many hippos along the banks of the river and in the river. Birds on the boat include the goliath herons, occasional shoe billed stork, great white egret, African skimmer, red throated, bee eater among other bird species.

Stop at a landing rock at a vantage point from which you will take pictures of the Murchison falls which is one of the best wildlife experiences in Uganda.

Lastly, we go to the top of the falls that make Murchison falls national park so famous. This is the place for most memorable pictures and taking in of the sounds and sights, including the rainbow that does not disappear, created by the mist of the falls. It is such a great sight as watching predators such as lions make moves on their prey, it is an amazing experience since most antelopes

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