Akagera Rwanda National Park

Akagera Rwanda National Park

Akagera Rwanda National Park

Akagera National park is the only savannah park that lies in the eastern region of Rwanda, close to the border with Tanzania. It is hosts woodland, swamps, Low mountains as well as the savannah vegetation. This favors the coexistence of a diversity of stunning wildlife species namely; zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions plus hundreds of colorful bird species. Some of the bird species recorded include; the rare shoebill stork,it is home to the vast lake Ihema in the southern part of the park. It pride in hosting is the home to thousands of hippos and crocodiles. This national park is named after Akagera River which flows along Rwanda’s eastern boundary with Tanzania.

Akagera National Park features the African savannah landscapes graced with acacia and bush with patches of open grassland s well as the dozen of swampy lakes. The park is home to exceptional levels of bio diversity thus forms a large protected wetland. As earlier mentioned, Akagera National Park is the only savannah national park in Rwanda where you can only sight most of the intriguing large and small mammals while on a game drive safari in the park. Whereas there are forest elephants in the other parks, sit is very difficult to sight them. Explore the park in the comfort of your safari vehicle while on a game drive.

Wildlife In Akagera National Park

It is paramount to note that has a diversity of thrilling wildlife species namely; elephants,  giraffes, African buffaloes, zebras, hyenas, leopards, lions. It is blessed with a variety of antelopes antelopes like topis,bush backs, water-buck, oribis, roan antelope, cape eland as well as the duikers. The park has thousands of hippos that are seen wallowing and many hundreds of crocodiles basking in the sun near Ihema lake. The popular exciting primates in the park include; White and black Moneys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, Vervet monkeys,  and bush babies who are often seen on night drives.

Elephants of akagera national park

Birds In Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is one of the top birding site in Rwanda. It has over 500 beautiful bird species including the remarkable shoebill stork plus other bird species like papyrus gonolek, African open bill stock, African wattled plover, squacco herons, giant kingfisher, Senegal lapwings, grey crowned crane among other species. The common birds here include; fish eagles, agar buzzard, cattle egret, long crested eagle, hamerkop, sacred and hadada ibis, and pied crow among others.

birds of akagera


Activities In Akagera National Park

Game drives in Akagera national park

Definitely any safari to Akagera National Park gives you a chance to experience a thrilling game drive which is done in a 4×4 safari vehicles. The game drive can be done in the morning hours or late afternoon hours or night hours. The early morning game drive takes you to search of some nocturnal before get to their hiding place like; the leopards, hyenas and the re-introduced lions plus other animals as they start their day grazing. The early morning game drive assures to see these predators since they prefer to hunt at night or early morning and usually go into their hiding places as the heat from the sun increases. As you explore the park, you see other stunning wildlife species namely; several other big mammals like elephants, buffaloes, zebras,  and antelopes. The landscape and beautiful wild flowers give you a clear photography that give you long lasting memories.

Bird watching in Akagera national park

Akagera National Park is popular and important area in Rwanda. Bird watching enthusiasts will find birding in the park as rewarding as it offers birders the opportunities to sight both the endangered bird species like the papyrus gonolek and shoebill and the more easily sighted species like weavers, egrets, and several kingfishers. Birding is done while on a game drive, nature walk with a ranger guide and a boat safari on lake Ihema. Birding on Lake Ihema will accord on the pleasure of water species which are otherwise not seen while on the game drive in the savannah grassland. Overall we highly recommend birding Akagera national park for both variety and the ease with which you see the birds.

Boat safari on lake Ihema in Akagera national park.

Boat cruise on Ihema Lake is the best way to spend an afternoon in Akagera National Park. Most animals are hiding under shade because of the heat from the sun as others come to the water for cooling off and drinking. In addition to a variety of water birds, you will watch schools of hippos in the water and crocodiles on the shores of the lake. There are scheduled boat trips where one is done during the day but can book for a private unscheduled boat trip at their own timing.

boat cruise in akagera national park

 Sport fishing in Akagera national park.

The sport fishing is something you enjoy on your tour to Akagera National Park, it is done on Lake Shakani. You are required to make a booking with the park for sport fishing on this lake. Even though the expectation is catch and release, you are given an opportunity to take one catch for a meal if interested.

akagera national park

How to get to Akagera national park

You can access the park from Kigali through Rwamagana town to Akagera national park the entrance is only through the southern gate. Northern gate is currently used for exit. The journey takes a total of about 2 hours to arrive at the park entrance. There is an option of flying to the park using the services of Akagera aviation for those not keen on the 2 hour drive.

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