All About Self-drive Safaris Uganda

All about self-drive safaris Uganda

All about self-drive safaris Uganda

All about self-drive safaris Uganda  : Self-drive safari in Uganda is one of the most convenient ways for you to wander around all the corners of the pearl of Africa with no limits and restrictions. The self drive safaris in Uganda, or road trips, offer you a unique way to enjoy your adventure and unforgettable experience in the country. The self d rive safaris, however, are not so common as mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi national park, and the game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park. Despite, you can still organize a self drive to the Uganda national parks for the wildlife encounters, and en route activities like taking photos and interacting with the local communities in Uganda. The action for the self drive safari in Uganda starts on the sport, as you enjoy the scenic views along with the highways, come across wildlife and a lot of unique features even before reaching the final destinations.

It is a self safari in Uganda, but to enjoy all the way, it is better if you just book a driver to take you around, and you can tell him to stop anywhere you want to. However, there is a provision for you to drive yourself to the destination in the country side of the pearl of Africa, even other adventurous travelers, just choose to move with their vehicles, to Uganda, especially if they are travelling from one country to another in Africa. A 4WD is the best vehicle to use for the long self drive journey for a Uganda safari. Also for the company to keep track of the vehicle a GPS or global positioning system is installed to the vehicle, this is also one way you can get really lose and comfortable during a Ugandan safari in Uganda can be excursions, however, others can last for a week or even two.

The self drive safaris are not so common in Uganda but adventurous travelers in Uganda always demand for one way to really be comfortable and enjoy the adventure thrill in Uganda. However, it is not right to drive is a country you are not familiar with, because the road might rally be different and puts you in a risk position of getting lost. However, the following tips can help you on that Uganda self drive safari with confidence and enjoy the whole trip.

 Have an updated map, yeas it might sound like a stale tip for the modern world but a map can help you get around in the right roads till you reach the final destination. The most up to date maps might be online maps, however, you will find no network therefore, it would be good if you just download an up to date travel map in Uganda.

Road safety: what you have to know is, Ugandan roads are very risky, and the drivers in Uganda love over speeding. Also the roads in the rural areas of Uganda are murram and others are in a bad state. Also the roads in the city and along the high ways, the potholes are common. Therefore, you need to really be careful when driving in Uganda; the best solution is to hire a driver. You also have to be well conversed with the restrictions for the roads in the protected areas. For example, it is so easy for you move across wild animals near Lake Mburo national park, encounter cows along the high way roads. What you have to know is when you find any animals along the way it is better to slow down, however for any accident, you can run to the nearest police station an report the accident otherwise the local people might take advantage for the fatal mistake you make during the Uganda road drive.

Avoid driving during the nights, the nights in Uganda are really risky especially for you who is in Uganda for the first time. Just like any other countries, the high way driving can be dangerous as you might encounter highway robbers or even fail to find the way especially in the rural routes.

You can visit any Uganda national park during the self drive safari, however, you have to know that a national park is a protected area for wildlife, therefore be careful when driving within the national parks. Also make sure you don’t make unnecessary stops in the parks, some are really dangerous with very wild animals like leopards, buffaloes, lions among others.

Book with spectrum of nature safaris to get the perfect self drive safari trips in Uganda and create long term memories, for further more inquiries, simply get in touch with our travel experts by sending an email on or call us directly on  256775630809 / +256784912876 to speak to our reservations team.

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