Cycling Safari In Lake Mburo National Park

Cycling Safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Cycling Safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Cycling Safari in Lake Mburo National Park : Also referred to as bicycle safari, Cycling Safari is ranked among the few unique interesting nature activities worthy to experience while on a Uganda Safari in Lake Mburo National Park. This adventure activity allows you chance to enjoy viewing all eye catching natural beauty of the park including the charming gem of the its landscapes. Cycling safari in Lake Mburo National Park gives you a 1 hour experience, it takes you close the stunning unique wildlife in the park. Some of the unique diversity of wildlife you sight on your cycling safaris include; impala antelopes,   Burchell’s zebras, Rothschild giraffes, Elands antelopes, bush bucks, among others.

In this article below, we are more than glad to bring you astounding information about all you need to know about cycling safari in Lake Mburo National Park;

What you should expect on a cycling tour

It is paramount to note that all the cycling safaris are arranged and conducted by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) ranger guides. These are known as well trained UWA stuff with enough knowledge about the park and the area you will be riding through. Thus expect to experience the most breathtaking wildlife encounter in Lake Mburo National Park.

On your cycling safari in this park, expect to be challenged by the nature of landscape due to fact that some areas are graced hilly, sloppy whilst others flat lands. This makes cycling strenuous but offering the most intriguing adventurous epic lifetime experience in the jungle.

You should also expect to do body exercises incase you have taken long with out physical healthy exercises. As you ride through the park, enjoying game viewing is a must on your cycling safari in lake Mburo National Park. Something astonishing, the UWA management team features over 15 mountain bikes and these can be hired at a small dollars or else you can still carry your own bike and this helps you to save money.

Expect to come across many bird watching spots in this park namely; swampy valleys (Warukiri and Miriti), the viewing platforms close to the salt licks,  forest trails alongside the roadside in the jetty and Rwonyo camp. You groove on many colorful birdlife species some of which include; black-bellied bustard, Emerald-spotted, coqui francolin, rufous-bellied, red-headed lovebird, common scrimitarbill a among others.

What you should carry for your cycling tour in Lake Mburo National Park.

Here is some of the following gears you need to carry on your cycling safari in Lake Mburo National Park;

  • Consider carrying light clothing for your safari
  • Bring an insect repellent to protect your skin.
  • don’t forget to carry your helmet though at time UWA management team offers bikes hired with them but you can as well pack your own for emergence.
  • Plenty of drinking water in a bottle
  • A camera to take photos for memories
  • Binoculars for clear viewing of different bird life and wildlife

Is safe to go for cycling safaris in Lake Mburo National Park?

As earlier mentioned cycling safari is a nature activity in Lake Mburo National Park. Being that this is a wild adventure activity, all travelers that taking part are offered an opportunity to ride through only very safe routes of the park. Although Cycling safari is very possible in entire the park since the Lake Mburo National Park is famous small  savannah park and has a few man eater animals that may threaten the cyclist. It is important to note that most of the animals you come across are so gentle, stunning and very calm unless you try to disorganize their peace, here they become aggressive especially the African buffaloes.

You don’t need to stress about your safety while on your cycling safari since the activity is done under the guidance of an armed and professional ranger guides. The ranger guides make sure that all of the cyclists are always safe from the start to the end of the cycling safari. On this note there’s no need to worry about as you explore lake Mburo National Park.

Before you head out for your cycling safari, the management team clear up the cycling routes you ride in the swampy valleys, the forested hills plus the plain savannah grasslands. Cycling safaris in Lake Mburo National Park is organized according to the travelers preference, some travelers want to navigate flat routes in the plain savannah grasslands plus the swampy valleys. Many cyclists love to ride through hilly routes and forest hills.

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savannah park in Uganda, however, regardless of its size, the park offers lots of intriguing attractions you enjoy on a Uganda safari yet cycling safari is one of them. Other fascinating things to do in the park include; game drives, horseback riding,  boat cruise, bird watching and many others.

Incase you are looking forward to go cycling in Lake Mburo National Park in future or  holiday. We hope you find the above information  helpful to guide you plan a perfect cycling experience in the park. To book a bicycle safari in Lake Mburo National Park with us, simply contact our travel experts and grab a chance to enjoy the available Uganda safari packages.

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