Game Drives Uganda

Game Drives uganda

Game Drives Uganda

Game drives in Uganda : The Pearl of Africa hosts over 1060 bird species and over 100 mammal species hence becoming one of the incredible game viewing destinations in Africa. In Uganda’s 10 fascinating national parks, encounter the Big Five animals such as the Rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, lions and leopards, large water and land animals, you as well grab a chance to sight beautiful wildlife species. Safari game drives gives you a great opportunity to view other unique and stunning wildlife species like; hippos, bush bucks, zebras, lions, leopards, impalas, giraffes, hartebeest and many colorful bird species.

 A Game Drive in Uganda does not only expose you to animals in the national parks but also to view several colorful bird species including the rare shoebill, Jameson’s Ant-pecker, grey crowned crested cranes, African green broad bill, ibis’ vultures and many more.

Top leading destinations for Game Drives in Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national is among the top most visited safari park and offers a rewarding game drive adventure as you get chance to see an impressive number of wildlife diversities. This park is located in western Uganda in Kasese district and extends across the radius of roughly 1,978 square kilometers. It is the second largest National Park in the Pearl of Africa harboring over 95 mammal species and about 600 bird species.

game drives in uganda

The national park is home for more than 10,000 buffaloes, 2500 elephants and about 5000 hippos. There are so many more animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park which include Uganda kobs, warthogs, topi, sitatunga antelope, waterbucks among others. Besides, there are also primates like white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, olive baboons, Vervet monkeys and many more.

Different birds are also found in this amazing national park and they are over 600 species which include kittilitz’s plover, African skimmer, black headed gonolek, papyrus gonolek among others.

Interestingly, game drive in Uganda can as well be joined with other ultimate activities in the park like hiking, chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge, village tours, boat ride on Kazinga channel, lion tracking, sport fishing to mention but a few.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is also ranked among great the game safari parks, that receives a number of tourists who come to experience its natural beauty, It is situated in north western Uganda close to Masindi town. This is the largest and oldest park in Uganda, established in 1952 and covering an area of about 3,893 square kilometers. It hosts over 450 bird species and 76 mammal species.

During the game drive in Murchison falls national Park, you will sight many different wildlife species like antelopes, lions, buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes with bird species such as white thighed hornbill, great blue Turaco, rare shoe billed stork, Goliath heron, dwarf kingfisher to mention but a few.

On your visit to this wonderful park, you can decide to add the game drive with other activities like boat cruise on the Nile Delta, community tours, sport fishing, hiking to the top Murchison falls among others.

Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo national park is another wonderful safari destination to delight in an amazing game drive adventure . It’s important to note that lake Mburo is the smallest national park in the Pearl of Africa and its near Kampala. Here you get to view many unique and rare species animals like gazelles, topi, elephants, giraffes, impala, reed bucks, zebras among others. The game drive in this park can be combined with other activities for your extreme enjoyment such as guided nature walks, community walks, horseback riding, birding and many more.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley national park is very far compared to other safari parks. It is the list visited site by travelers since it takes a long time to reach there. The park is situated in north eastern Uganda across Kenyan and South Sudan borders in kabongo district. Despite all that, it is the most amazing and beautiful park in the Pearl of Africa that has a lot to offer to all travelers that take a visit here.

The park is an awesome place to have game drive experience. Get to view different wildlife like African caped buffaloes, dike-dike, cheetahs, hyenas, striped jackals, zebras, elephants, lions, Rothschild giraffes among others. You will get a chance to find ostriches that you can not spot them elsewhere, you will find the greater and lesser kudu.

Conclusion: Game Drives in the Pearl of Africa is so awesome and adventurous travelers should not miss on their Uganda safari. For more inquiries of how to book a game drive safari in Uganda, simply get in touch with our reservation team by sending an email on  or call us directly on +256-775630809 or 0784912876 speak to our customer care personnel.

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