Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most visited safari destination in Uganda. The lake is found in south western region of Uganda with in Kabale and Kisoro district close to the border of Uganda and Rwanda. It is popularly known as the second deepest lake in Africa and deepest in Uganda. Bunyonyi lake is a prime natural treasures of Uganda dotted with 29 intriguing islands including the punishment island.

A tour to Lake Bunyonyi offers you chance to enjoy a 2 hours canoe ride as you explore the eye catching 29 stunning islands and local communities. While here, participate in the worshiping the mesmerizing landscapes from the hill top.

Things to do in Lake Bunyonyi

  • Zip-lining
  • Swimming in fresh and safe waters of the lake
  • Community guided walks
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching where get chance to sight many colorful bird species since lake Bunyonyi is famous home to many small birds among others.

Location of Lake Bunyonyi

Lake bunyonyi is located with in the Kigezi highlands also known as the Switzerland of Africa, between kabale and Kisoro in the southwestern part of Uganda. You can access this place their by road and Air. And by from Kampala to it takes you about one hours drive with a 4×4 safari car.

For travelers that have issues of sitting in a safari car for long hours can choose to opt for a flight to Lake bunyonyi. You can book a scheduled or chartered flight with Aerolink Uganda or Eagle Air at Entebbe Airport to fly or Bar aviation to get there.


The bunyonyi lake features the warm tropical climate and moderate temperatures through out the year. This has favored the survival of many beautiful bird species. Lake Bunyonyi is graced with over 200 bird species, you get chance to see some Uganda kobs, Zebras and impalas on one of the Islands.

lake bunyonyi

Attractions in Lake Bunyonyi

Bird species

It is a famous place for many small colorful birds species. There are over 200 bird species recorded which makes the place one of the birders paradise. Therefore the safari to Lake Bunyonyi offers great opportunity to sight many a variety of exciting bird species. Some of the birds here include; cardinal woodpeckers,weavers,flycatchers,white tailed blue Monardo, African harrier hawk, king fisher, grey crowned cranes among others that can be seen as they savor in the skies.

birds in lake bunyonyi

Mountain biking

You can go biking around the lake breathtaking landscapes while experiencing the cool breezes through the villages and see a number of fascinating attractions.

Stunning Landscape

Definitely while at lake bunyonyi, you grooving on the eye catching the beautiful landscapes of Kigezi region and this the key attractions in the area. Catch glimpse the terraced hilly areas dominating the place, steep roads, the local communities where to grab an opportunity to meet and greet with the local people, learn more on how they manage their businesses they carry out along the way like selling sugarcane, fruits, Irish potatoes and bananas.

Nature walks and hikes

You can visit different villages around the park on foot and experience the cool breeze of the park and also go hiking in the area around the lake,afterwards you can go for can go for  canoeing on the lake for relaxation and magical adventures.

lake bunyonyi

Zip lining

The involves tying ropes are connected between trees in the opposite banks of the lake, you swing over the water and even touch the calm waters of the lake and feel the breeze on your face. 

Accommodation in Lake Bunyonyi

  • Crater Bay Cottages
  • Bunyonyi Overland
  • Bird nest Bunyonyi
  • Arcadia Cottages Bunyonyi etc.

If you are there planning to include to lake Bunyonyi this season after gorilla safari, simply get in touch with our travel experts to assist you book a tour to this place.

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