Lion Tracking In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park : Uganda as well as known as the pearl of Africa is full of natural wonders in her ten national parks scattered in different parts. One of the attractions located in Uganda’s parks are thrilling wildlife.
Famous national parks renown for a wide range of wildlife in Uganda are Queen Elizabeth National Park that hosts the unique tree climbing lions, Lake Mburo National Park known for unique wildlife species, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park.
Lion trekking is one of once in a lifetime fascinating activity carried out in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is a more of research activity that involves studying lions’ behaviors and their way of life.
Grab a chance to spend more time with kings and queens of the jungle in this gorgeous park. It is important to note that lion tracking is only done in Queen Elizabeth National Park late in the evening or morning time. The activity is done in Kasenyi plains of the park. Interestingly, you can not find tree climbing lions in any other park of Uganda apart from Queen Elizabeth National Park.

How is Lion tracking done in Queen Elizabeth Park?


Before beginning the activity, wake up in the morning around 8am and start off the tracking, monitor and research about lions. Lion tracking is mainly carried out by researchers with radiation locators to look for lions and radio collars. All the information got from the researchers is useful in the conservation and understanding more about lions. Lions always walk in groups of 3- 25 individuals (prides) though the number grows during the activity so you should note the number you have seen in the beginning.
Male and females are different as males have a mane and females do not have them. However, females should not be despised at all because sometimes they are stronger than males.
If at all a pride attacks their cabs, they will fight and protect them from being killed. There are several clues which help you track them down like bent grass, hyenas laughing, loud roars. All in all, chances are high to find lions in the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Why is the number of lions tracking participators limited?

The major reason for a limited number of lion tracking participants
is that this activity is different from others, it is more of research
for example gathering explicit details about them. Therefore, few
travelers are allowed to play a part in lion tracking.
If the number of participants is limited, it intensifies your
experience during the activity. In this, each and every traveler
manages to catch a glimpse of the amazing lions before they take
off due to fear of many people, you acquire an opportunity to get
vivid photos which would not have been the case if at all the
number is large
Besides that, animals need to live a calm life so if the number is
less, animals are not stressed at all. It is crucial to note that
animals in this park are not used to people therefore if the number
is more that enough, they can really be stressed which is vicious
to the eco system.

What is the price of lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National

For international travelers, get a lion permit at US$50 only as
authorized by the Uganda Wildlife Authority
UGX100,000 for East African Citizens

Importantly, US$10 is paid to Uganda carnivores’ project in
charge of the conservation of lions in Queen Elizabeth National
Park. Also, the park entry fee is included on that amount.
Since limited number of people is allowed during lion tracking, you
are advised to book your lion permit in advance that is 6 months
before the day of your travel so that a place for you is secured.
Lion tracking goes for 2-3 days only twice a day in the morning
and late in the afternoon.

Other activities you can enjoy in Queen Elizabeth National

When you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, there is more to
enjoy, more than you can even imagine. There are several
activities to delight in while in this wonderful park and they include
First and foremost, go chimpanzee trekking in the famous
kyambura gorge of the park. It hosts a rain forest that kept up by
Kyambura river. During the activity, learn more about the
habituated chimps, catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing scenery of
the gorge among others.
Boat cruise is another hilarious activity to groove on while in
Queen Elizabeth National Park. While on the Kazinga Channel,
grab a chance to fresh up with the cold breeze from the cool
water. Spot buffaloes while wallowing on banks of the channel,
hippos in the water, colorful birds like magnificent fish eagle
awaiting in the nearby tree branches to catch fish.
Delight in birding as the other wonderful activity done in kyambura
gorge. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a great birding spot with
over 619 bird species that makes birding a very possible activity
to enjoy.

Cultural encounter is yet another one you should not miss out
while in this incredible park. Meet the natives and learn about
their cultures and tradition, way of living and you can as well
purchase some beautifully and locally handmade crafts.
Go do some hiking and nature walks through Maramagambo
forest and Mweya peninsular. This helps you stretch legs and
groove on sounds in the forest.
There is more to enjoy on a Uganda safari. Are you planning a
safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park? You should not miss out
the popular experimental lion tracking. For more inquiries, send
us an email on or call
us directly on +256-775630809 or 0784912876 speak to our
customer care personnel.

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