Mgahinga National Park

Welcome to Mgahinga National Park where “Gold meets silver”, the park offers a double unique primate experience in Uganda that offers you an opportunity to get close to the endangered golden monkeys and have an amazing encounter with the endangered Mountain gorillas. It features the Virunga volcano mountain ranges which favor gorilla safaris throughout the year. The park is situated on the border of Uganda, DR.Congo and Rwanda and it is dominated by tropical forests, flooded forests, tropical seasonal forests, montane forests and lowland equatorial evergreen forests. Maghinga national park is the smallest park in the Pearl of Africa and it is located in south western Uganda; it occupies an area of 33.7km and it is one of exciting safari destinations worth to explore on a self-drive road trip that gives you chance to delight in a superb primate tour.

Mgahinga gorillas

Wildlife in Maghinga national park              

Irrespective the small size, Mgahinga national park is a habitat for about 76 mammal species and about 184  bird species, some of the wildlife in the park include; mountain gorillas and the rest are golden cats, elephants, golden monkeys, black fronted duikers and many more. While on your gorilla trekking experience in the park, you can even get an opportunity to see some wildlife while with your trekkers and guides on a lucky day.

How to get to Maghinga national park

Maghinga national park can either be accessed to by using private or public means, with either air or road transport from Kampala or Entebbe airport. With a 4×4 safari car from Kampala, you enter this park via Kisoro district and its about8-9 hours’ drive to the park hence covering a distance of over 510 kilometers.  From Lake Mburo national park, it is about 5-6 hours drive. Maghinga national park can also be accessed from Queen Elizabeth national park and this takes over like 3-4 hours to reach your actual destination.

In you are travelling from Kigali city – Rwanda, it’s an hour’s drive through Cyanika to this park. One can also choose a chartered flight from Kigali airport or Entebbe airport, it also takes about an hour reaching Kisoro airstrip.

Attractions in Maghinga national park

  • Batwa people
  • Mountain gorillas
  • Cave exploration
  • Golden monkey
  • Virunga volcanoes

Activities in Maghinga national park                                  

Volcano hiking

Mgahinga national park is so popular for distinctive hiking adventure to all travelers that are really in love with nature. There are various interesting mountains found here namely; Gahinga, mountain Sabinyo, and mountain Muhabura, these offer mountaineering adventure, thus giving you incredible memories on your and making the park a great place for the hiking safaris in the Pearl of Africa.

Gorilla trekking

It should be noted that gorilla trekking is the major activity done in this particular national park and it really attracts a great number of tourists in world. This activity offers one an opportunity to see mountain gorillas in the wilderness. In this park, there’s only one habituated gorilla family which is Nyakagezi gorilla which is open for safaris throughout the year.

Batwa Trail

This trail is spearheaded by the Batwa people guides who teach you more about their fascinating lifestyle and traditional culture. Surprisingly and interestingly, these people used to live together with these mountain gorillas in this particular forest in peace and harmony and they were depending on this forest for survival.

batwa trails

Golden monkey tracking

Maghinga national park is a unique and blessed national park due to the fact that  one can meet both the golden monkeys and silver back gorillas. The above mentioned activity offers one an opportunity to track the golden monkeys and assuredly you cannot forget the moments you spent in the jungle.

mgahinga golden monkey

Garama Caves Exploration

These caves are located in the northern edge of the park that is over 3 kilometers from Ntebeko. Historically, these caves were retreats of the Batwa pygmy people and also council chambers for settling disputes among themselves.

Bird watching

This park is among the best places to enjoy do bird watching experience from. Maghinga national park harbors many bird species which include; wetland birds, fire finch ibis, buffalo, black fronted duikers, wall among others.

birding in mgainga

Best time to visit Maghinga national park.

The national park is well equipped with tropical rainforests and receives plenty of rainfall in a year which obviously makes it hard to navigate and enjoy the jungle. Therefore, we advise the tourists and recommend them to visit Mgahinga national park during the dry season when climate changes favor activities in the park, the roads are dry and easy to navigate through.

The dry season occurs in the months of January, full end of February, June, July, august, September and December. We advise travelers to book their gorilla permits in advance at least 6-4 months before the actual date of travelling due to the fact that permits get sold out during the dry season so as to avoid inconveniences because of the last minute booking.

Regardless of whether you are solo, family or group planning an adventurous tour to Mgahinga national park, we hope the above guide will of help to assist you arrange a perfect safari experience in the park. For further more questions and inquiries of how to book a primate trip in Mgahinga gorilla national park, don’t hesitate to contact our travel experts, to get in touch with us, simply send us an email on or call us directly on +256-775630809 or 0784912876 speak to our customer care personnel.

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