Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Mountain Rwenzori National Park : Mountain Rwenzori is one of the most visited safari parks in Uganda, it is popularly referred to a Mythical mountain of the moon and it is located on the boundaries of Uganda and DR.Congo in Kasese district. The Mountains of Rwenzori features about 6 mountain ranges with the most fascinating Stanley which hosts the highest peak in Africa. The mountain stands on an elevation of about 5109 meters, it is important to note that Margherita is the highest peak of the snow capped Rwenzori Mountain.

Mountain Rwenzori national park lies within the Equator Line thus there is a lot of heat from this place that melts the snow at the peak of the mountain, hence forming water streams which come from different routes of the mountain to create various rivers namely; Mpanga river in Fort Portal, Nyamugasani in Kasese and River Mubuku.

mount Rwenzori National park

Wildlife in the park

Rwenzori Mountain National Park is  UNESCO World Heritage site featuring 70 mammal species, 217 colorful bird species and 19 bird species recorded are Albertine endemics that include; Rwenzori batis, barred  Long-tailed Cuckoo, Rwenzori Turaco among others.

How to get to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Rwenzori Mountain national park can be accessed by Road using different routes or by Air Transport, using the Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Bushenyi –Kasese route, the park is located about 6-7 hours drive including the stopover points and covering a distance of 350 kilometers, but when you choose to take the Mubende – Fort Portal road, Mountain Rwenzori is situated about 4 hours. Enjoy a fascinating road trip as you drive through the Masaka-Mbarara highway and it is important t note this is the most thrilling route that will give you unforgettable experience as navigate through Lake Mburo Park and Queen Elizabeth national park.

You can choose to book a chartered flight from Entebbe international Airport or from Kajjansi, the flight takes about 30 minutes to the park and you will land in Kasese Airstrip, upon landing, enjoy a transfer to your booked lodge in Mount Rwenzori national park. Feel free to book your flight with either Eagle air or Aerolink Uganda that operate domestic flights to the safari parks including Rwenzori national park.

Tourism attractions and activities in Rwenzori National Park.

Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Hiking to the summit of Mount Rwenzori is the key activity and star attraction in the park, the activity gives you a chance to the experience the eye catching beauty of this iconic snow capped mountain. Mountaineering allows you an opportunity to meet and greet with local community situated at the foothill of the Mountain like the Bakonzo. While here get chance to learn and study about performed the exciting cultures that are exhibited through the traditional dances and songs, storytelling about their ancestors, skills of basket weaving among others.

The Uganda Wildlife authority charges $450 USD per person for international visitors interested to delight in Mountaineering the snow capped mountains of the Moon. Whilst it charges 50,000 Uganda shillings for the East African Residents interested to trek the mountain,  the park entrance fee at Rwenzori national park is $35USD for foreign Non Residents, $25 USD for all foreign Residents and 15000 Uganda shillings for East African residents.

Guided nature walks or bird watching

Guided nature walks give you great birding adventure due to the fact that the park is home to about 217 bird species; enjoy sighting a variety of beautiful birds like barred long-tailed, Long-eared Owl, greenbul, Golden-Winged sunbird, Rwenzori Turaco and many other species

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