Mountain Climbing In Uganda

Mountain climbing in Uganda

Mountaineering/Mountain climbing in Uganda

Mountaineering in Uganda is combined with so many other activities and it paramount to note that activity needs high levels of physical fitness since it’s a tedious one. Thus you need to have enough preparation and also choose the right tour operator to arrange your mountaineering experience that offers chance to delight in long lasting memories.

Uganda offers awesome mountain climbing  tour to the travelers who are nature lovers. The tour allows you chance to climb the highest mountains in Uganda like Mountain Rwenzori hosting snow through out the year at its peaks, Mountain Mufumbira, mountain Elgon and so many others. It is such a great opportunity to reach peaks of these mountains as you will never forget this memorable day so on your Uganda safari, make sure you don’t get to miss out on this adventure.

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Safari gears for mountain climbing

You might need a camera to keep all the memories with you as the journey was.

A rain jacket, warm gloves as well as warm clothes due to changes of the weather in the Pearl of Africa. So just in case it rains, you will be able to overcome the coldness.

You will also need gardening gloves to protect your fingers from scratches as you are climbing.

Pack enough drinking water to quench off your thirst since mountain climbing isn’t easy and dehydrates too. Besides, pack some snacks as well just in case you get hungry on the way.

Lastly, you need to have good quality hiking boots which are light. These will be of great use in case of rain to keep your feet warm as well help you climb without sliding off.

The best time to do mountain climbing in Uganda

 The activity can always be done throughout the year at any time though its far better to do mountain climbing in the dry season compared to the wet season in Uganda. This is because during the wet season the road is so slippery and it is quite challenging because of rain interruptions therefore its better off in the dry season which is during the months of January, February, July, August as well as September.

Best mountaineering destinations in Uganda

  • Mountain Elgon which is shared by both Uganda and Kenya
  • Mountain Rwenzori.

Top rules for guidance

  • Always avoid short cuts
  • You are also advised to move with already packed food like dried meals, noodles as well as tinned food.
  • You are not allowed to litter rubbish therefore you are advised to carry your own rubbish back pack.
  • Open fires in the moorland as well the high places of the mountain are not allowed.
  • You are advised to leave every plant life in place because they keep the soil intact.
  • Always burry your wastes 100 m from the water bodies.
  • Do not use toothpaste or detergents when 50m at any water source

Incase you are a nature lover looking forward to enjoy a Mountain trekking in Uganda this season, don’t hesitate to book a dream life uganda safari that can be tailored with an exceptional Mountain climbing experience. To get in touch with our travel experts, simply send us an email on  or call us directly on +256-775630809 or 0784912876 speak to our customer care personal.

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