Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon is a very beautiful national park that is home for mighty Mount Elgon which features the fourth highest mountain in east Africa. Many people come to experience Mount Elgon national park because of its fascinating natural beauty. On an important note, it gives out one the best mountain hiking experience. This beautiful park is located in the eastern region near Mbale town in the Pearl of Africa. Mountain Elgon was once an active volcano but it’s no longer and it stands on elevation of 4327 meters above the sea level. This national park was gazette in 1929 covering mountain Elgon. Interestingly, Mount Elgon is shared by Uganda and the Kenya, although Uganda takes up the biggest portion. At the summit of this breath taking mountain, you will be an amazed crater lake which takes up over 40 kilometers.

mount elgon national park

Wildlife at Mount Elgon national park

Mount Elgon park is among the greatest birding places in Uganda and it’s even recognized internationally though it has few wildlife. Some of the wildlife found here include; bushbucks, antelopes, red tailed monkeys, forest monkeys, forest elephants among others.

Places of Attraction in the Park

Foothills of Mountain Elgon

Get an opportunity to refresh the hiking experience that introduces you to the wonderful Sipi falls, this fall is among the key highlights on a safari trip to Mount Elgon National Park. As you get close to the astonishing Sipi falls, you will enjoy viewing eye catching sceneries like; scenic beauty of Lake Kyoga, Karamoja lowlands and scenic views of the mountain in Kenya.

Kapkwai forest exploration Centre

Mount Elgon national park also features thick shrubs that run from loop trails to the Cheptui falls as well as a secondary forest. Bird species that are usually viewed at this spot are; Cisticola, Baglafecht weaver, Goshawk, Chinspot and so much more.

Mount Elgon caves

The caves at Mount Elgon national park have salt pans and it’s paramount to note that numerous animals gather together to lick this salt especially elephants and buffaloes. Therefore on a lucky day, grab an opportunity to sight many at this point, something supplements on your mountaineering tour in the park.

Activities in Mount Elgon national park

Mountain Biking

When one gets to Mount Elgon National Park, mountain biking is one of the best activity you should never leave without enjoying. It is usually done near the Sipi falls and so enjoyable leaving great memories that can never be forgotten. This activity exposes you to the beautiful natural wonders found in the park.

Visiting Sipi falls

Sipi falls in this park is made up of three waterfalls. The highest fall pours its water from the height of about 100 meters above the sea leveland it’s the most beautiful waterfall as well as the main attraction. It should be noted that though it’s the main attraction, other waterfalls also give out a great beauty to all the tourists that come to visit the park.


The park is home to over 300 bird species, It is one of the best bird watching places in the Pearl of Africa. The birds can be viewed along the Cheptui waterfall and in Kapkwai forest reserve. Birds in the park include; black kite, olive and bronze napped pigeons, cinnamon bee eater and so much more.

mount elgon birds

Hiking and mountain climbing

After mountain Rwenzori, Mount Elgon is ranked the second best hiking destination that prides in giving travelers of the best hiking Adventures experiences in Uganda. This activity provides a chance to experience the amazing natural beauty of the park, encounter with the breathe taking wildlife like forest Elephants, warthogs, forest antelopes, buffaloes among others

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