Park Entrance Fees For Murchison Falls National Park

Park entrance fees for Murchison Falls National Park

Park entrance fees for Murchison falls national park are dues paid
by a traveler before setting a foot in this wonderful in it to delight
in the interesting activities. Murchison falls National Park is one of
Africa’s best tourist destinations and attracts various travelers all
over the world. This is the country’s oldest and largest park
renown for the mighty Murchison Falls where it derives its name.
it is situated in the northwestern part of Uganda and just about 3
hours from Kampala to the park.
Murchison falls national park is divided into two sections by the
Victoria Nile (northern and southern). The park is famous for
hosting a wide range of breathtaking unique wildlife species
including the big four such as Buffaloes, Leopards, Elephants and
lions. Get a chance to complete your journey of the big five when
heading to Murchison with a brief stopover at Ziwa Rhino
Sanctuary the only big animal this park lacks. Other animals in
Murchison Falls National Park include; primates like
chimpanzees, Vervet monkeys, red monkeys, black and white
monkeys among others. Uganda kob, bush backs, warthogs,
mammals to mention but a few.
Park entrance fees
Individuals (adults)

  • Foreign nonresidents US$40 each person
  • Foreign residents US$30 per person
  • East African citizens UGX20,000 per person

Children (from 5 to 15 years)

  • Foreign nonresidents US$20 per child
  • Foreign residents US$ 10 each child
  • East African citizens UGX5,000 per child
  • Tertiary institutions/universities can pay UGX 5,000 each
  • Uganda wildlife clubs UGX 2,000 per person
  • Ugandan students/students UGX 3,000

Annual Park entry fees

Murchison Falls National Park has annual park entry fees and you
can pay for a full year. However, this only favors foreign residents
and east African citizens. After paying, you will receive a valid
permit for a year to enter Murchison for a year.

  • Foreign residents pay US$350
  • East African citizens can only pay UGX150,000


  • Foreign residents pay US$500
  • East African citizens UGX200,000
  • A family (4 children maximum)
  • Foreign residents US$ 700
  • East African citizens UGX 300,000

Annual corporates

  • Foreign residents US$ 1,500
  • East African citizens UGX 2,500,000
  • Safari guides are expected to pay UGX 100,000
  • Tour operators who are foreign residents pay US$50
  • East African tour operators pay UGX 125000
  • Tour company drivers enter the park for free

Park entrance fees for vehicles in Murchison Falls National

Tour company vehicles

This category is comprised of vehicles hired for self drive or driver
guided trips from a private tour company or a car rental agency.
Here you have to travel with an authorization letter or signed self
drive contract to prove that it has been hired from a company.

  • Foreign cars pay US$100
  • Ugandan cars pay UGX30,000

Buses and lorries

  • Foreign coaches or buses pay US$ 150
  • Ugandan buses pay UGX30,000

Private 4×4 cars and pickups

This category has privately owned cars by foreigners or locals in
Uganda. It should be noted that you must show your country’s
drivers license to prove that you own it.

  • Foreign private car pays US$ 150
  • Uganda private cars pay UGX 30,000

Saloon cars

  • US$ 50 for foreign cars
  • UGX 20,000 for Ugandans

Private minivans and minibuses

  • Foreign private minibuses or vans only pay US$150
  • UGX 30,000 for Ugandan owned


Interestingly, motorcycles are allowed to be ridden in Murchison
Falls National Park apart from public boda-bodas.

  • US$ 40 for foreign motorcycles
  • UGX 10,000 for Ugandan ones

School buses

  • East African citizens UGX 50,000

Helicopters (per landing)

  • Foreign nonresidents US$ 100
  • Foreign residents US$ 125
  • East African citizens UGX 250,000

Ferry crossing

  • Heavy vehicles 5 to 10 tones UGX 80,000
  • Very heavy vehicles 10 to 20 tones UGX 150,000
  • Light vehicles 2 tones and less UGX 20,000
  • Medium vehicles 2 to 5 tones UGX 40,000
  • Passengers UGX 5,000


  • UGX 5,000

Are you planning a Uganda Safari to Murchison Falls National
park this season, we hope the above information helps you to
plan a dreamlife adventure in this safari destination. To book with
us a Uganda Safari to this beautiful jungle simply get in touch with
our reservation team by sending an email on or call us directly on
256775630809 / +256784912876 to speak to our reservations

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