Tips to travel with children on a Uganda safari

Tips to travel with children on a Uganda safari |Memories of family holidays are always held close to the heart because it is time well spent with the people you love the most in the world. A Uganda safari with your family will definitely be that kind of holiday, the kind none of you ever forgets about, the adventure that you will all be glad you went on. Although there are some risks and challenges when travelling in Uganda with kids, the numerous great national parks and water based activities mean that Uganda can be a lot of fun for children. On the city of things, Kampala isn’t exactly bursting with activities for young people, but Entebbe and Jinja have plenty to offer.

In general though, Uganda is a very child friendly place and your children will be good ambassadors for you. Some lodges may have a minimum age limit for children but not many do so. Spectrum of nature safaris will definitely get you the matching offers for the composition of your travel lot. There is no danger in the different parks or the many Ugandan safaris you can choose from because most have guidelines and we as spectrum of nature will be able to lay them out for you or even guide you through them. For some travelling to Africa can be a daunting experience without proper planning. Backpacking with kids can be even more challenging experience, but hey, adventure waits, so who says you cant do it? At spectrum of nature safaris, we make sure it is done! Here below we present to you some of the tips you need to put in place when travelling with kids.

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Plan in Advance

Due to the fact that you are looking forward to enjoying a family tour, we advise you to do early panning as in booking your Uganda safari at least ahead of time prior to the dates of travel and endeavor to see that your beloved one do qualify to take part in almost every activity you are planning to enjoy as a family. Take the time to look through everything including the travel documents and ensue that everything is valid and okay to start with the trip.

Type of Safari Car

Traveling with children means you have to rent a car that is a 4×4 safari that can accommodate you and your family plus all the luggage. It is important to note that there are many safari cars that are recommended for family trips, we thus argue you to book a comfortable vehicle. The car rental company will provide child car seats or you can purchase them at some of the top malls in Kampala just before you hit the road.

Select the Right Safari Destination

Choosing the right safari destination to experience as a family on a Uganda safari will depend on the children’s preference and age. For instances safari places like kibale don’t favor children below 12 years of age to take part in trekking chimpanzees. Therefore think about selecting a destination that covers everyone’s needs and interests.

Hire a Suitable Accommodation

It makes sense to check on the age policies of the most of the lodge that you are planning to spend the night on your family vacation because some lodges don’t accept kids of a certain age while others don’t allow children, some do accommodation are child friendly featuring family cottages, have kids menu as well favorable for kids, have activities like guided nature walks for kids.

In case you are planning to travel with kids for a Uganda safari, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel experts to assist you plan for a prefect family safari in Uganda and grab chance to enjoy long lasting memories. Simply send an inquiry on or call us directly on  256775630809 / +256784912876 to speak to our reservations team.

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