Top 4 Activities To Enjoy On A Safari In Murchison Falls National Park

Top 4 Activities to Enjoy on a Safari in Murchison Falls National Park

Top 4 Activities to Enjoy on a Safari in Murchison Falls National Park

Top 4 Activities to Enjoy on a Safari in Murchison Falls National Park : Popularly known as the oldest and largest safari park in the Pearl of Africa, Murchison Falls National Park is one of the enthralling safari destinations that is visited by many travelers on a Uganda safari. The park is blessed with a lot of fascinating attractions worthy to experience on either a self drive or guided tour in Uganda. While here, catch glimpse of the eye catching vast landscape featuring the open Savannah plains which favor the survival of the stunning wildlife in the park, the magical mighty Murchison waterfalls, the mesmerizing tropical forest where you encounter exciting primates including the habituated chimpanzee communities and this is the star attraction in the forest.

The park is divided into two sections by the Victoria Nile to form the southern and northern section, however the both sectors are interesting but the southern section is extremely rewarding since most of the activities do take place that side.

Below, we provide you the top 4 activities to enjoy on a safari in Murchison Falls National Park;

Game drive/ Wildlife viewing

Murchison falls park hosts about 76 mammals and about 451 colorful birds, thus we assure you an unforgettable game drive experience. There are several game trucks established in the park which gives you chance to get close to the intriguing wildlife on a game drive, the most famous being Biligi truck which takes you to sight a diversity of wildlife as well as many singing bird species. When you rent a 4×4 safari vehicle with an open roof, you get chance to clear view beautiful animals like the Rothchild giraffes, buffaloes, bushbucks, Elephants, Uganda kobs, lions, leopards, duikers, heart beasts among other wildlife species.

game drives in uganda

Boat Cruise

Boat cruise is among the most breath taking activity that one needs not to miss when on a tour in Murchison falls national park. The activity is experienced on the Victoria Nile and it takes you to see the enchanting bottom of Murchison waterfalls  that is formed as a result of the Nile river forcing its way through a narrow 6-7 meter gorge that has rocks which have given the falls a wonderful appearance. While on your boat cruise adventure, grab an opportunity to sight many ravishing wildlife on the shores like huge number of hippos wallowing, crocodiles, elephants, buffaloes, warthogs and giraffes quenching off their thirsty. Boat cruise is another convenient way to explore the parks’ beauty and also sight many colorful bird life including the shoebill stork.

Bird watching

Are you a bird lover, looking forward to enjoy a rewarding birding tour in Uganda, Murchison falls national park is one of the great birding sites in that offers awesome birding safari experience. There are over 450 bird species in Murchison falls with out forgetting the rare shoe bill stork sighted on the shores of the Victoria Nile in the park. Other bird species include; Goliath Heron, King Fishers, African fish Eagle, weaver birds, Abyssinian ground horn bill, grey crowned among other beautiful bird species, you can see many birds while on a boat cruise on the Nile River or on a game drive as you explore the park.

Primate trekking

Murchison falls National Park is famous host to the beautiful tropical forests called Budongo forest and kayonyi Pabidi forest , this wonderful forest harbors a lot of thrilling primates but the most common being the chimpanzees which are found here in big numbers. There are about  800 chimpanzees in the forest and these have been habituated for chimpanzee tourism in the park. During the chimpanzee trekking experience, you get chance to see other primates like Pato Monkeys, red tailed Mangabey monkeys, white and black colobus, Vervet monkeys, olive baboons among other

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 Incase you are planning a unique experience on a safari in Murchison falls national park, we hope the above activities will assist you delight in exceptional memories in the park. For further more information about things to do in Murchison falls, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our reservation team by sending an email on or call us directly on  256775630809 / +256784912876 to speak to our reservations team.

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