Top 4 Rental Cars Ideal For A Gorilla Safari In Uganda

Top 4 rental cars ideal for a gorilla safari in Uganda

Top 4 rental cars ideal for a gorilla safari in Uganda

Top 4 rental cars ideal for a gorilla safari in Uganda : Are you planning to enjoy rental car for your gorilla safari in Uganda. Or you would love to enjoy the best 4×4 safari cars for your gorilla safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. We are a registered safari company in Uganda, we pride in offering a wide range of 4×4 safari cars in a very good condition, well serviced and maintained to hit the road. Here below, we present you the top 5 rental cars that can be ideal for your next gorilla safari in Uganda this season;

Toyota Rav4

This is a small 4×4 SUV vehicle commonly hired for a gorilla safari in Uganda. It features a massive cargo space for all your luggage, flexible seats, an air conditioning system among others. There are two types of Rav4, one that is built with 5 and the other with 3 doors. It is the perfect car to hire if you plan to travel budget since it is less fuel consuming. Thus you get chance to save on your safari, you can hire this car on a self drive or chauffeur driven safari with a guide for a gorilla safari in Uganda.

Land cruisers

If you are looking forward to enjoy a luxurious ride for your gorilla safari in Uganda then think of hiring a land cruisers for your roadtrip. Land cruisers are in different types namely; land cruiser Prado TX, GX, VX, and V8. All these feature a mesmerizing interiors, strong exterior body with the ability to manage all road conditions. They also have working air conditioning system, enough leg room space, well cushioned seats and a large space for cargo. They are suitable for small group of people of planning a gorilla safari.

land cruisers

Hiace Drone

A HiAce drone has a luxurious interior and a magnificent exterior body. Enjoy all the ultimate comfort while on your roadtrip. It also has an enough leg room space, air conditioning system,  and a massive space for cargo. Hiace drone is ideal for group travelers or family and it has the ability accommodate about 12 people. You can rent the car for your gorilla safari in Uganda and trust me you wont regret every dollar you spent on your gorilla safari.

hiace drones

Super custom

This is a Japanese automobile brand Toyota make. It is a 4×4 car and accommodates a small group of 4-6 passengers. It features a flexible and enough leg room between each other, an air conditioning system, radio, DVD/CD player and a wide cargo area in the boot. Just like the land cruiser Prado, the super customs offers you an awesome safari experience since it has an open roof for clear sight seeing.

super customs

If you are a family, group or solo traveler looking forward to rent a car for your gorilla safari in Uganda. With the above, we hope you get guided on which car suits your gorilla tour. And for more information or bookings, don’t hesitate to contact our safari experts to assist you book the best car perfect option for your Uganda roadtrip.

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