What To Pack For African Safari

What to Pack for African Safari

What to Pack for African Safari

What to Pack for African Safari : This is one of the frequently asked questions by many travelers planning to visit Africa for the first time, it is paramount to note that what to Pack for an African safari requires some bit of more thoughts due to the fact that this element can determine the quality of your safari experience. However, what to pack for a safari will depend on the type of your tour activity, here in this article, we present you the top gears you need to consider while planning a Uganda safari;

Strong gum boots and gloves

If you are planning to visit uganda for a gorilla tour or chimpanzee trekking adventure, don’t forget to carry your gum boots for easy movement while trekking and gloves to protect your hands from germs as you are trying to support yourself on plants or bushes while trekking.

Safari clothes

Safari clothes to pack for an African safari depends on the nature of safari activity you are planning to enjoy, activities like chimpanzee and gorilla trekking, require you to pack long sleeved clothes like long trousers, shirts and tops for ladies to protect your skin from wild insect bites like bees, tsetse flies, wild ants among others.  Activities like boat cruise, game drives in the Savannah parks of Uganda require you to carry light clothes  that will favor you during the game drive or at the sun bathing on the beach. We recommend you to consider buying Eco friendly colors like brown, khaki, army green, grey plus other dull colors the match with the environment.

What to Pack for African Safari

Travel documents

These should be the first thing to put in your bag, such as; travel insurance, Visa, driving license and valid passport details, the visa and passport details are asked upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, we argue all travelers to place their traveler insurance near such that incase of any emergence or accident, you will be easily assisted by presenting your insurance documents. It is cruel to consider buying an insurance package that cover them and all their safari destinations,

Strong water proof rain jackets

Don’t forget to a carry strong rain jacket to keep you warm during the cold morning and evening in the park,  in safari destinations like Bwindi forest, Mgahinga and kibale forest are dominated by tropical rainforest that  receive rain all the time regardless of whether its rainy season or dry season, so expect it to some rain when trekking.

African hut and glasses

Don’t forget to carry an African hut  plus sun glasses that will protect your eyes, head, skin from the direct heat from the sun during the hot temperatures. This applies to most of the activities like game drive, beach, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking or on a city tour in Kampala.

Day Packer

You can carry a day packer bag to carry your small items like a few toiletries, skin repellent, lunch boxes, first aid kit, sanitizers,  snacks, enough bottled drinking water to keep going while mountaineering, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking experience. On such activity, feel free to hire a porter at an extra price to assist you carry your back packer until the end of the trek.

What to pack for an African safari is an endless list, but we have provide the top basic items above that you need to consider packing if planning a tour in the Pearl of Africa. Incase you would love to book a uganda safari this season with us, simply send us an email on info@exceptionalugandagorillasafaris.com or call us directly on +256-775630809 or 0784912876 speak to our customer care personnel

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