What To Pack On A Self Drive Road Trip In Uganda

What to Pack on a Self Drive Road Trip in Uganda

What to Pack on a Self Drive Road Trip in Uganda

What to Pack on a Self Drive Road Trip in Uganda : You have confirmed your Uganda self drive safari and the next thing to pack for your all the safari gears necessary for a dreamlife adventure. What to pack for self drive road trip in Uganda depends on the nature of your safari activities you plan to enjoy. Although, It is paramount to consider travelling light and grab a chance to enjoy a stress free road trip whilst bearing in mind the limited space in the vehicle.

Here below, we are glad to present you some of the outstanding things you need to pack for a self drive road trip in Uganda;

Travel documents

This is one the things you need to put first  in your hand bag. They include; a valid International driving license, travel insurance to cover you in case of emergencies like medical problems or an accident, valid passport and Visa documents which are always asked upon arrival at the airport among others. We argue all travelers to consider purchasing an insurance package that can cover you through out the entire trip.

Strong Gum boots and gloves

While taking a drive on your own you may love to enjoy a chimpanzee or gorilla trekking adventure. Here we advise you to carry strong gum boots to ease movement while trekking and the gloves protect you from germs in case you happen to touch some plant trees or ground to support your hike.

Safari Clothes

The type of clothes to pack for your self drive safari will depend on the nature of the safari places you plan to visit. Places like Bwindi Forest, Kibale forest, Kalinzu forest and Budongo forest requires you to pack long sleeved shirts, trousers and tops for ladies. These protect your skin from thorny bushes, wild insect bites like tsetse flies, bees, wild Ants among others. And incase you are on a game drive in the savannah packs of Uganda, don’t forget to pack light clothes due to the hot temperatures while on the game drive experience. We advise travelers to consider dull colors like brown colors, Khaki, grey or army green that blend with the jungle environments.

Back pack bag

This will be of help to carry small items, namely; lunchbox,snacks, enough drinking water, tissue, repellent lotion as you trek through the impenetrable bushes on a guided nature walk game drive, mountain hike or while on a gorilla trek.

Strong water proof rain jacket

It does matter which destination your planning travelling to, always remember to pack a strong water proof rain jacket that can be extremely useful if it starts to rains in the middle of any activity like chimpanzee or gorilla trekking.

Back up Medicines / Anti Malaria tablets

The travelers healthy is one thing we care about as tour operators and the future sustainable tourism, on this note we do advise all tourist planning to enjoy a self drive Uganda safari to consider carrying some back up medicine or emergency medicine or first aid kit. And in your first aid should have items like blister plasters, spirits soothing ointment, cotton among others.

Sun protecting gears

Some of the most important sun protecting gears include; sunscreen repellent to protect your skin from the hot sun, an African hat that protects your head from direct sun rays, sun glasses to protect your eyes from direct sun rays. And if you did not remember to pack these gears in your bag, you don’t need to worry a lot because, you can still get from Uganda’s shopping malls.

A good Camera and Binoculars

Don’t forget to pack a well charged good camera together with extra batteries and grab an opportunity to capture the wonderful memories as you explore thrilling destinations of the Pearl of Africa. Binoculars give you chance to have great sightseeing from a distance.

If you are looking forward to enjoy a self drive tour and you are not sure of what to pack on your road trip, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our tour consultant team for assistance. Or you can fill our contact form and we will respond back to you as soon as we see your inquiry.

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