What Will I Eat On A Uganda Safari?

What will I eat on a Uganda Safari?

Uganda with no doubt is among the enthralling tourist destination in Africa.
The country is graced with a number of breathtaking attractions that force
travelers to come. Eye catching rolling landscapes, a wide range of thrilling
wildlife species, stunning waterbodies not forgetting beautiful hospitable
people. All the above are worth to experience on a Uganda safari.
However, a question arises “what will I eat on a Uganda safari?” this is an
easy question to answer. A number of restaurants that prepare and serve
delicious international as well as local foods so the choice remains in your
hands to choose what cuisine to eat. True, the menu may include Asian,
Arab and English cuisines but it does not take away the fact that different
local staple foods for several tribes in Uganda exists. Check out sweet
potatoes, bananas, beans, cassava, yams, posho and so many more you
should not miss out while on a Uganda safari.
In the article below, Exceptional Uganda Gorilla Safaris is more than
delighted to present to you top local Ugandan cuisines to try out on a
Uganda safari


This is the number one local Ugandan cuisine you should try. When eating
Luwombo, it is like you are eating royalty. This irresistible dish came about
in the late 90’s by king Mwanga’s personal chef in the Buganda kingdom.
All cheers to this great man who brought about the creativity that is still
enjoyed by both locals and internationals. There are various kinds of
Luwombo for example beef Luwombo, chicken, ground nuts Luwombo
among others. This meal is prepared in hotels and restaurants in Uganda.
It is served with matooke, rice, cassava or chapati


Second on the list you should not miss is the famous delicious Muchomo.
Muchomo meat has become one of Uganda’s staple foods, eat it once and
you will crave for it forever. Muchomo is either beef or goats’ meat cut into
small pieces and well aligned on a sharp pointed stick to be roasted on red
burning charcoal. This crispy flavored meat is usually served with fresh
salads and chips. You can find Muchomo on road side eateries and
restaurants of the country.


This is a popular morning treat in the country that brightens up your day. In
English, you can call it mixing. This is the mixture of a variety to form one
super delicious meal compared to no other it is sometimes matoke mixed
with fresh or dry beans (mostly fresh beans are preferred). There are
different styles of cooking Katogo and they are all amazing. Eat Katogo in
the morning and it will keep you satisfied till late afternoon. This meal is
normally served with avocado or fresh salads/vegetables (Nakatti,
cabbages among others).


If you are a fun of pork and haven’t tested Kikalayi yet, then you are
missing the best pork. Kikalayi is a big round robust (locally made frying
pan) that is used in the preparation of this pork. This delicious meal is
prepared by experts with a lot of love just for you and best enjoyed when
with friends in a group because it presented on a large tray. Kikalayi is
served with matooke, cassava or posho with avocado plus salads aside
and red chili as an option. Find Kikalayi on roadside eateries and some


Matoke is popular traditional cuisine in Uganda for most Bantu tribes most
especially the Baganda. In Uganda, we have acres and acres of matoke
plantations more so in the western region of the country and central. This
food is cooked in different styles and one of them is “empogola”. This is
when matoke is cooked with peelings and served with grilled meats and


Rolex is everyone’s favorite breakfast treat with a cup of black tea or milk. It
is a made chapati with fried eggs rolled inside with either raw tomatoes or
ones fried within the eggs. It is a testy delicacy eaten at any time of the day.
Rolex is prepared on every street if the city therefore it is another cuisine
you shouldn’t miss out on your Uganda safari.


It is one-of-a-kind delicacy that will leave you in need for more. Posho is
made out of dry maize grains that are grinded to form flour. That flour is
poured in a saucepan of boiling water, mingled until it is in solid form and
ready to be consumed. The top most loved sauce on posho is fresh beans
though any other sauce of your choice is great too. It can be accompanied
with chicken, beef, g. nuts among others. Find posho in every restaurant of
Uganda and hotels.

TV chicken

This delicious chicken is so common among college students. It is as well
consumed by the young generation so much in Uganda. This unique
chicken is prepared using a rotisserie oven that resembles a television
hence the name TV chicken. This cuisine is accompanied by French fries,
salads and smoked bananas. It is prepared on roadside booths and
restaurants of the country.


This is a famous side cuisine chopped into a nice shape and served along
with the main curse dish. Chapati is prepared in all restaurants and hotels
of Uganda. You can as well enjoy a chapati with your morning or evening

Roasted maize

Roasted maize is yet another delicacy you should not miss out on your
Uganda safari. It is a snack that can be eaten while taking tea prepared
from fresh maize by roasting it on medium burning charcoal until it turns
golden brown hence it is ready to be consumed. However, maize is not
available all the time, it is only common in the wet season.

Ugandan egg roll

Do not mistaken a Ugandan egg roll with a Chinese one, this is different as
a hard-boiled egg is surrounded with smashed Irish potatoes to make it
round. It is dipped in cooking oil until golden brown a sign that it is ready.
You are free to enjoy it at breakfast lunch or any time of the day. Find it in
any restaurant or side road side eateries.


This is Uganda’s uncommon but one of the most delicious delicacies in
Uganda. Grasshoppers are usually fries until they tun golden brown ready
to be eaten. This special snack can only be enjoyed during the rainy
season especially in November (a month renown for grasshoppers in the
country). They are usually in the market, venders sell them, on roadsides or
you can even fry them as well.


Chaloko is anther hearty meal you should try out on a Uganda safari. It is a
traditional food prepared with pinto beans, tomatoes, purple or red onions,
green peppers. This cuisine will test best when accompanied with posho,
this keeps you full and feeling so nice.


Do not come to Uganda and leave without testing chickennat. It is made by
chopping chicken in small pieces, put in the stew saucepan with chicken
stock, peanut butter paste and onions. This food goes well with posho or
rice that leaves you satisfied.

Ugandan curried cabbage

Ugandan curried cabbage is mixed a little bit with Indian cuisine. It is
shredded cabbage steamed in a pot of cooked onions green peppers,
carrots, turmeric or curry powder, ginger and garlic. You can delight in
curried cabbage as a side dish or the main course meal.


For those who love sweet snacks, do not miss out mandazi while on a
Uganda safari. It is a bit similar to a doughnut though this does not have a
hole. This sweet snack is flavored with coconut milk then cut into square or
circles. Besides coconut milk, sugar and cinnamon can be added also.
Mandazi can be accompanied with tea or juice.

Binyebwa (ground nut sauce)

This sauce is really delicious if prepared well on fair heat and given
sometime to produce cream on top. It can really be the best sauce ever
and is accompanied with matoke or sweet potato.

Are you asking yourself what to eat on a Uganda safari? Do not get
stranded because the above article presents you a variety of Ugandan
cuisines you should not miss out while on a Uganda safari. For more
information, send us an email at info@exceptionalugandagorillasafaris.com
or call us directly on 256775630809 / +256784912876 to speak to our
reservations team.

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