Why Would You Visit Kidepo Valley National Park?

Why would you visit Kidepo Valley National park?

Also known as Africa’s true wilderness, Kidepo Valley National Park is a
mesmerizing park worth visiting on a Uganda safari. Interestingly, kidepo is
opening up as the new frontier in safari tourism in Uganda. Located in the
remote area of the country, the park takes over 1442 square kilometers of
the open savannahs, eye-catching landscapes with vast plains. It is
regarded as 3 rd best national park in Africa.
Due to the fact that kidepo Valley National Park is remote, many travelers
do not see why they should visit it. You are missing out a lot if you leave
Uganda without paying a visit to this wonderful park due to a wide range of
breathtaking natural wonders. The answer to why you should visit kidepo
Valley National Park is an automatic yes, a visit to this amazing park takes
you back to how Africa was 100 years ago that is why it is called Africa’s
true wilderness.
There are a variety of reasons as to why you should visit kidepo national
park but we are going to present to you the major ones in the article below

The incredible wildlife species

Kidepo Valley National Park is a perfect destination for game viewing/
game drives. The park is blessed with a large number of wildlife species,
catch a glimpse of lions, cape buffaloes, bat eared foxes, the rare African
dog, giraffes, backed jackal, zebras, cheetahs, 12 antelope species like
oribi, klipspringer, Jacksons hartebeest, eland to mention but a few. Some
people say the adventurous experience in kidepo can only be compared to
that in Masai Mara national park and others believe that it is even better.
You will get your own perspective about this wonderful national park when
you pay a visit on your Uganda safari. Grab a chance to see the beautiful
flora like acacia trees, sausage trees, savannah, Borassus palms and so
many more do not also miss out the tree climbing lions.

Bird watching

Kidepo is a great birding site and if you are a bird lover, there is more than
enough for you here. The park features over 500 colorful bird species, 14
are raptors (rare bird species) which include; ostriches, rufous crown, Kori
bustard bird, Abyssinian among others. 58 are endemic for example
Neophron percnopterus, verreauxs eagle, lammergeier and so many more.

There are some common bird species like; little green bee eater, hoopoe,
rose ringed parakeet, white faced scoops owl, pygmy falcon grey
flycatcher, white bellied tit, fan tailed raven, Nubian woodpecker, Jackson’s
hornbill, yellow spotted petronia, scarlet chested sunbird and many more.
Find all these colorful birds in montane forests and savannah.

Hot springs

This is another natural wonder in kidepo national park, the bubbly
kanangorok hot springs meaning a place of black stones simmers. It is
close to South Sudan boarder and people have a belief that it has healing
powers for skin diseases. As you drive through these amazing hot springs,
catch a glimpse at the kidepo river valley that is a seasonal waterbody with
amazing views.

Cultural encounter

The park is surrounded by two special tribes that have been around kidepo
for a long time. These tribes are the IK and Karamojong people that have
unique traditions and jealously protect them to date (they have refused
civilization). This surprises every traveler who visits these amazing people,
they show off their cultures and traditions to travelers and so proud of it.
They live within the park around mountain Morungole though it is believed
that they came from Ethiopia.
The distance from Kampala to kidepo national park is quite unbearable
though worth the patience in the end. Are you planning a Uganda safari this
season or any other time? The reasons as to why you should visit kidepo
valley national park are vivid and there are so many more besides the
above. Do not miss out on this unbeatable experience in kidepo on your
Uganda safari. For more information, contact us at
info@exceptionalugandagorillasafaris.com or call us directly on
256775630809 / +256784912876 to speak to our reservations team.

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